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Fire Escape / Top Hung Roof Windows

The Keylite Fire Escape Roof Window opens to 45°, complying with statutory regulations.

This is ideal in low pitch roofs as the window opens outward, maximising the daylight that enters the room without the sash encroaching on your valuable internal space.

Image of a Integral Blind roof window

Roof Windows Size Chart

Top Hung Roof Window Size Chart


The roof window that delivers
extra performance at no extra cost

With multiple enhanced features, all designed to fit faster, fit lower, fit warmer, the 2014 Keylite Futuretherm Technology range is more thermally efficient and easier to install than ever before.

Our new Expanding Thermal Collar provides a unique thermal solution which fills the gap between the window frame and the roof, combating cold bridging and reducing heat loss from inside the room.

Keylite is the only roof window offering a thermal collar as a built-in feature as standard. All other roof windows require a secondary thermal collar component just to achieve the same level of thermal performance, making Keylite a better choice every time.

Roof Window Benefits

› Means of Escape
As a means of escape, the window opens to an unobstructed area for safe exit, in the event of an emergency. The opening handle located at the bottom of the window is easily accessible.

› Easy to Use
The multi-stop opening feature allows the user to simply push the window to any position between 0° and 45° and remain open for maximum flexibility.

› Effective Ventilation
Effective ventilation is provided by the vent flap at the top of the window which regulates the air flow, even when the window is closed.

› Thermal Performance
Only Keylite windows have an Integrated Thermal Collar, Warm Edge Glazing and a Recessed Fit as standard, leading to enhanced thermal performance.

Expanding Thermal Collar Video

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