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Integral Blind Roof Windows

The roof window with a blind sealed inside the glass for protection against moisture, dust and damage.

Image of a Integral Blind roof window

Roof Windows Size Chart

Integral Blind Roof Window Size Chart


The roof window that delivers
extra performance at no extra cost

With multiple enhanced features, all designed to fit faster, fit lower, fit warmer, the 2014 Keylite Futuretherm Technology range is more thermally efficient and easier to install than ever before.

Our new Expanding Thermal Collar provides a unique thermal solution which fills the gap between the window frame and the roof, combating cold bridging and reducing heat loss from inside the room.

Keylite is the only roof window offering a thermal collar as a built-in feature as standard. All other roof windows require a secondary thermal collar component just to achieve the same level of thermal performance, making Keylite a better choice every time.

Roof Window Benefits

› Factory-fitted blind, sealed inside the energy efficient double
glazing unit.

› Requires no cleaning - ideal for sterile and/or hygienic environments eg. hospitals or surgeries.

› Provides enhanced sun-shading and improves the U-value of the sealed unit.

› Available in manual or electric options.

Expanding Thermal Collar Video

For more videos visit our Keylite installation videos section

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