Keylite Launches New Futuretherm Roof Windows

12 May 2014

Futuretherm Roof Windows Diagram

Keylite Roof Windows, the company known for its innovative range of roof windows, products and accessories,  has taken the concept of easy installation to the next stage, with the launch of its new Futuretherm range.


The new roof windows contain many innovative features which combined, offer much improved performance, simplified installation processes, and greater in the roof thermal efficiency.


The key innovation of the Futuretherm range is the completely unique Integrated Thermal Collar, a ground breaking new feature designed to radically improve the process of insulating the gap between the roof and the window frame.  By simply pulling the release tape, the insulation collar expands around the frame, closing the gap and providing an effective barrier against heat loss and the effects of cold bridging. Not only does this offer great time saving benefits for the installer, it also ensures a more thermally efficient window for the end user.


To meet the growing demand for a Recessed Fit in the roof, Futuretherm is designed to be recessed as standard, requiring only a standard flashing kit to achieve this. This means that Futuretherm now sits even lower in the roof, thereby gives a much improved aesthetic appearance, and a greater in the roof thermal performance.


Keylite Managing Director John Duffin says “We believe that our customers will love the new features of our Futuretherm roof windows, particularly the fact that all these upgrades are offered as standard, at no extra cost. As a result, this new roof window represents real added value, when compared with other roof windows which involve additional spend for insulation collars and higher priced recessed flashing kits. At each step of this new product development, we have focused on simplicity, speed, and added value and this is what our new window delivers”.


Futuretherm has been designed with simplicity at its core, and the full range of benefits and unique features are marketed under the Fit Faster, Fit Lower, Fit Warmer themes:


Fit Faster

Ease of installation is a central benefit and, the Integrated Thermal Collar enables instant insulation of the frame.  In addition to the existing pre-fitted   Flick-Fit brackets, the new window now comes with a Click-Fit Hood requiring 50% fewer screws than before.


Fit Lower

Every Futuretherm roof window is recessed in the roof, as standard, providing enhanced aesthetic appearance, and is further improved by the new low profile hood design.


Fit Warmer

U Values have been improved, and the risk of condensation has been greatly reduced through the addition of Warm-Edge Glazing, the unique Integrated Thermal Collar, and the Recessed Fit, all of which come as standard.

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