Top Hung/ Fire Escape Cad Drawings

The Keylite Top Hung (TH) Roof Window is available for low pitch roofs, where a wide and unobstructed view is desired.

Opening outward, the Keylite TH roof window allows natural daylight and warmth to enter a room without encroaching on valuable floor space.

The Keylite Fire Escape (FE) roof window opens to 45° in compliance with building regulations and safety standards. The unique design allows operation of this window to be achieved in 2 stages.

The unique design feature gives any position hold-control from 0° to 15° and with a push beyond 15° the window will gently move to its fully open position of 45°

  • Everyday operation of the window is facilitated by rotating the handle at the bottom of the window.
  • A gentle push upward opens the window fully to 30 degrees
  • The window should have an unobstructed opening area that is at least 0.33m² and at least 450mm high and 450mm wide
  • Although hinged at the top, the Keylite TH roof window retains its ventilation flap and centre-pivoting hinge for cleaning purposes – common to all Keylite Roof Windows.
  • This operation is made easy by the powerful pneumatic spring system.
AutoCAD DrawingDescriptionPDF Quick View
TH-PTRF-01.DWG Top hung roof window with plain tile flashing TH-PTRF-01.PDF
TH-SRF-01.DWG Top hung roof window with slate flashing TH-SRF-01.PDF
TH-TRF-01.DWG Top hung roof window with tile flashing TH-TRF-01.PDF
TH-TRF-02.DWG Top hung roof window with tile flashing TH-TRF-02.PDF
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